About Us


Our Mission

To help our clients leverage data and technology to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Who We Are

Data Centric Services is a technology services company with a broad set of technical capabilities including:

  • project management and vendor oversight
  • technical training
  • the design and analysis of customer surveys
  • software development
  • data analysis and business analytics
  • spatial technologies
  • technology procurement and implementation

We have helped customers in a number of industries including:

  • Environmental
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Scientific / Laboratories

The exponential growth in data and rapid advances in technology make it difficult for organizations to keep up.  Some businesses may seek to leverage data and technology to improve their operations but the complexity of the tools and processes involved can result in over spending may distract staff from their core business.  Other businesses may decide to under invest in technology and fail to benefit from the operational efficiencies and competitive advantages it can offer.

Data Centric Services can help businesses decide what technologies make the most sense and help them to develop tools which will allow them to best leverage their data and create improved workflows which reduce or eliminate repetitive time consuming activities.